They often say “do it for the kids” but it’s hard to watch Senator Franken stump her on just basic educational theory. Politicians can be politicians, but “Secretary of…” must be trained professionals.

U.S. Senator Al Franken Earlier this evening, I questioned Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, and was deeply troubled by the fact that she seemed unfamiliar with some of the most basic issues in education today. Ms. DeVos repeatedly refused to answer questions, let alone offer specifics. That was not what the […]

I love this – might have to try build a small arduino version.

Industrial Robot Reprogrammed to Get Bored and Curious Like a Living Thing | The Creators Project Images courtesy the artistBroadly speaking, the goals of robotics and artificial intelligence research is to design robots that become more independent and intelligent thinkers, while equally more agile and mobile. With the new installation Mimus, artist and robotics researcher […]