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A Single Protein May Help Explain Memory Loss In Old Age : NPR Age-related fumbles of memory are often feared as early signs of Alzheimer’s dementia, but recent research confirms an important difference. The underlying biology of the two sorts of memory loss aren’t the same. And the age-related form may be reversible someday.

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U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google – Google made headlines when it went public with the fact that Chinese hackers had penetrated some of its services, such as Gmail, in a politically motivated attempt at intelligence gathering. The news here isn’t that Chinese hackers engage in these activities or that their attempts are technically […]

True leaders are inspirational – this guy just tossed out an idea and look what happens.

If Musk Isn’t Going To Build The Hyperloop, Someone Else Will LOS ANGELES (AP) — Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk urged the public to polish sketch plans he released last week for a “Hyperloop” that would shoot capsules full of people at the speed of sound through elevated tubes connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco. From […]

Game on!

New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise A drug known as SR9009, which is currently under development at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), increases the level of metabolic activity in skeletal muscles of mice. Treated mice become lean, develop larger muscles and can run much longer distances simply by taking SR9009, which mimics the […]

TIL there are an estimated one million feral camels roaming around Australia.

Australian feral camel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thousands of the two main species of Australian feral camels, mostly dromedaries but also some bactrian camels, were imported into Australia, mainly from India, during the 19th century for transport and construction as part of the colonisation of the central and western parts of Australia. Motorised…