Nice kick!

Best Goal Ever? Soccer’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic May Have Scored It : NPR His GOALLL! for Sweden Wednesday night is getting rave reviews. Watch the video of the long-distance bicycle kick that cemented Sweden’s 4-2 victory over England. Then tell us: Is it the best ever?

Great article on how to brew spectacular coffee. Warning: uses the ‘drip’ method which causes most Aussies to turn their nose. But from my perspective, it’s the only way to make coffee flavoured coffee! :)

The Secret To Making Great Coffee Revealed The first cup of coffee that 2012 U.S. Barista champion Katie Carguilo served tasted rich and flavorful to me, but it wasn’t up to Carguilo’s high standards. “This coffee is really chocolatey, really nutty, but it tastes a little bit too bitter in the finish,” she explained. “The […]

You know that little warm feeling you get when you read an article about someone really making a big difference in children’s lives in the poorest of countries – here’s your little warm feeling today:

The One World Futbol Promises a Lasting Source of Fun in Poor Countries For children in impoverished countries, where soccer balls donated by relief agencies often rip and quickly deflate, Tim Jahnigen has developed a ball that can last for decades.

Colleen Lachowicz, the Maine State Senate candidate accused of being “unfit for office” because she plays a Level 85 Orc Rogue in World of Warcaft, has won her race. Way to go Colleen!!!

Colleen Lachowicz, Maine’s World of Warcraft-Playing State Senate Candidate, Wins Office | Side Miss You might remember that last month we reported on Colleen Lachowicz, a Democratic candidat…

Cool! Well done Chrysler!

Chrysler gives workers day off to vote Chrysler gave its entire work force the day off to Vote Today! The car company that attacked Mitt Romney for falsely claiming it was moving operations overseas is going a step further, ostensibly for President Obama. Chrysler…