PicklesAuctions is celebrating the Grand Opening of our massive Petaling Jaya warehouse. Check it out, you are invited too!

You are invited to the Grand Opening of PicklesAuctions! Find Deals. Make Money. – Powered by Eventzilla Agenda: 09.45 am: Arrival of Guests 10.00 am: Lion Dance & Acrobatic Performance 10.45 am: Welcome Speech by Joey Caisse, General Manager of Pickles Asia 11.00 am: Buffet Lunch 12.00 pm: Salvage Auction 15.30 pm: Auction ends & […]

I just love this – two factors that influence people in job satisfaction.

From Cynthia Wylie’s article, “Start Here to Figure Out Your Life’s Purpose.” “The renowned psychologist, Frederick Herzberg, developed and wrote about the two-factor theory of job satisfaction. He called the two factors that influence people in choosing jobs or sticking with them, motivators and hygiene. Hygiene factors are things such as comfort, benefits, location, colleagues and […]