Head of Marketing role at Pickles Asia is now available: We are not your normal team of professionals, we’re a scrappy, entrepreneurial, unconventional thinking team that is disrupting an entrenched industry with like-minded customers who are desperate to work with us to find a better way. Do you know someone who may be interested?

Job Description:  Marketing Manager

Business Unit: Malaysia
Department: Sales and Marketing
Location: Kota Kemuning and Bangsar South
Position the role reports to: General Manager
Roles reporting to this role: Marketing
Key Stakeholders:

  • Internal: Sales, Finance, Warehouse Management, Auctions Team
  • External: Dealer Buyers, Private Buyers, Workshop Buyers, Scrap Buyers

Start Date: Immediate
Salary:  RM8k/month
Bonus:  2 months, awarded on meeting KPIs and overall company objectives
Benefits:  RM50/month phone allowance, Standard holidays, 14 days paid leave, health insurance

About Pickles Asia

We’re in the auction business.  We live and die by the hammer.  In Australia we employ over 800 people with 23 facilities and we are expanding to Malaysia.   Our goal is to be the largest vendor of used and salvage vehicles in Malaysia.  It is a competitive industry and we like to win.  There is an incredible opportunity for the right person to take a leadership role as the head of our marketing team.

Job Purpose

To do this job you need a passion for guerilla marketing and an out-of-the-box way of thinking about B2B and B2C marketing Malaysia.  We are not your normal team of professionals, we’re a scrappy, entrepreneurial, unconventional thinking team that is disrupting an entrenched industry with like-minded customers who are desperate to work with us to find a better way.

Our sellers are innovative thinkers but they are often found trapped in a banking and finance world filled with procedures and policies.  They need our help to reach new buyers.  Our buyers are savvy and ruthless deal hunters.  Between the two groups is Pickles Asia and the first-of-it’s-kind groundbreaking tools, technologies, products, and marketing capability that brings everyone together into an open and competitive marketplace.  

To be successful in this job you’ll need to get inside the heads of our buyers and sellers and deeply understand what motivates them.  

You may have been a marketer in

  • a dealership,
  • a automotive brand,
  • an ecommerce company,
  • an independent marketing gun-for-hire,
  • a Facebook marketing manager, or
  • an events marketing manager.  

Don’t expect a big budget for SEM from us, while it may be part of the overall strategy we think building strong personal relationships are the key to winning market domination.

We want unconventional, targeted, tactile, and personal.  We want results that put smiles on people’s faces and financial results in people’s bank accounts. We’re looking for delivery that becomes legend in the marketing community.  

We think job descriptions can only go so far.  But to give you a flavour, here are some of the areas you’ll be responsible for:

Start-up thinking – making it happen and finding solutions when uncertainty arises.  

Learning and working with others – we are a collaborative team, we like to think in terms of options and outcomes and making a decision then moving forward quickly.

Execution – our model is well established in other countries, you’ll be responsible for strategically tailoring the model for Malaysia and also directly involved in execution.  You will be directly accountable for our success.

Key Accountabilities

Introducing our brand and service to buyers using a variety of marketing tactics

  • Developing a tactical strategy to introduce our services and products to the industry: including all forms of media and events.
  • Educating buyers that buying from Pickles Asia is a better way to buy
  • Getting buyers to download our apps, register, and attend auctions
  • Communicating our differences from the competition eg: the Pickles Asia advantage
  • Building a large and engaged community of buyers (think: CRM)

Bringing huge audiences/buyers to each auction

  • Building targeted campaigns to advertise our vendor’s stocks for sale.
  • Achieving huge numbers of active buyers at each auction, both online and offline
  • Buyers + bidding = results!!  This is the core of our business.  

Creating loyal and repeat buyers.

  • You’ll find we care a lot about return buyers.  When someone brings a friend and shares their experience, that’s what counts.  Build success programs that people talk about and share.  
  • Building campaigns, events, and programs that encourage repeat purchases.

Key Performance Indicators

  • A steadily increasing number of prospects being added to our CRM over time
  • New accounts and repeat buyers (this will be adjusted over time as we saturate the market)
  • Sell-through rates at auction – meaning:  the items put to auction have the right buyers making successful bids.  
  • Pickles Asia earns a reputation in market as “the first place to go” to find the best car deals in Malaysia.

To apply:  email info@pickles.my with your CV and a short cover letter that quickly and uniquely describes why you are the right person for our team.  

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