This is why I love science. A potato with the mass of 5 earths could be at the edge of our solar system. (Really, a potato? Read the article – they say anything is possible!) Planet Nine Might Be a Black Hole the Size of a Baseball

Planet Nine Might Be a Black Hole the Size of a Baseball Tiny black holes are thought to speckle the universe, and new research posits the solar system may have captured one. (Credit: nagualdesign/Tom Ruen/Wikimedia Commons)Sign up for our email newsletter …

FACT CHECK: On Sept. 24, Facebook announced it would not fact check or remove content by politicians even if it violates the company’s rules. TRUE. Facebook will not take down false or misleading political ads.

Warren attacks Facebook for ‘quietly’ changing its political ad policy after Zuckerberg’s meeting with Trump The tweets from the presidential candidate came one week after a recording showed Zuckerberg calling her election an “existential” threat.


Malaysia Shuts 400 Schools as Haze From Indonesia’s Fires Spreads Malaysia closed more than 400 schools, citing unhealthy air quality as smoke and ash from raging forest fires in Indonesia spread to more areas in countries from Thailand to the Philippines.