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This is a dumping ground for random links and stuff that interests me.  What’s it all for?  A walk down memory lane when I’ve finally, and completely, lost my mind.  They say it’s the second thing to go.

I’m currently the General Manager of Pickles Asia. Pickles is *just* a family auction business based in Australia. In 2016 Pickles saw a turnover of AUD2.4 billion, selling over 230,000 vehicles (as well as heavy machinery, equipment, and much much more…) all with the help of over 800 employees. I say that with some levity because when you get to know Pickles, you realise that it really is an 800 person family who love cars, auctions, and above all, working together. Pickles Asia is the company’s first fully owned overseas venture and I’m honoured to be leading the charge at our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have big plans and we’re off to a ripping start.

As the Chief Business Development Officer and Chief Information Officer for iCar Asia, ASEAN‘s largest network of automotive portals I helped the company grow from an AUD10 million IPO to a peak market cap of over AUD200 million (ICQ.AX) in just 4+ years. We bought, built, and saw massive growth in our properties in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand going from a hand full of cars to well over 500,000 cars and 8 million visitors over the period.

Previously I worked as Chief Product and Technology Officer at CarsGuide.com.au, Australia’s largest and best known automotive brand.  And before that I was the Chief Technology Officer of Media at News Digital Media providing technical oversight for all News Corp Australia’s newspaper websites.

I have founded or c-founded several start-ups including, Web-X Inc., Mail Mediary LLC, Digital Operations Management LLC, Caisse Digital Management LLC and XLarge.com.

I keep an updated profile on LinkedIn here:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/caisse.

I can be reached at:

joey (at) caisse [dot] com
+60 122 56 6659

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