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Years of Living Dangerously has been publishing some really great stuff lately. Keep an eye out for it.

Years of Living Dangerously

If just 1 out of 33 doctors told you smoking was healthy would you listen? What if 1 out of 100 Senators told you to watch a video? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you’ll love Boiling the Frog with U.S. Senator Al Franken. Our new series collaborates with Funny Or Die to address one of the greatest challenges of our time with some much needed humor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you just might learn something. #YEARSproject

Check this out… Amazon sells 52% of all books (print, electronic and audio) in the United States and forty-three percent of all online commerce goes through Amazon. For nerds, consider they also have 45% of the cloud computing market (I personally thought this would be higher).

Is Amazon getting too big?

When Amazon made a bid for Whole Foods earlier this month, a company that’s been a huge but largely online presence for consumers suddenly seemed to be everywhere, raising the question, “Is it getting too big?”

July 14th, ist you are in Seattle Scott Anderson, Jason Robertson, Rick Wood, everyone else (!), go see this guy. Find a spot in the club you can get a good view of him in action behind the tables. Hands down the best DJ walking this earth. Nobody has ever mixed Run DMC back to back with The Beatles and Public Enemy like this man can. A show you will not soon forget.

DJ Z-Trip

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