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Just finished watching the “Build to Mega Race” between Fast N Loud and Street Outlaws.

I started with the build episodes from RR and Gas Monkey crew and then watched the 3 build episodes from the Street Outlaws followed by the big races… Such amazing talent, team, and creativity between the shows. No spoiler alert here, but if you like cars shows, it was really fun to watch the different teams approach human and engineering challenges to propel flesh and steel at phenomenal speeds. As for how it all turned out in the end?… all I can say is it was worth every minute.

Mega Race

Your two favorite shows are calling each other out. It’s Big Chief vs. Richard and Farmtruck & AZN vs. Aaron Kaufman. Don’t miss the epic event Mon March 27 9|8c.

Posted 3 years ago – never more relevant.


Ok, you’ve seen a few posts about Net Neutrality from me. It’s REALLY REALLY important. Remember this phrase, “Internet Service Providers need to be classified as “common carriers” just like a phone company”, or else you can kiss everything you know about the internet goodbye. FOREVER. (Why forever, because the Supreme Court does not make a habit of saying they were wrong about a decision) “Common Carrier” status from the FCC means that your internet service provider HAS TO deliver your internet the same for all sites – it cannot slow some down that it does not like – for instance, Comcast can’t slow down Google to a crawl and start its own super fast search tool. It must treat all internet sites equal.

Here it comes my American friends, Trump’s plan to “free” the internet will not be FREE as in FREE BEER, but FREE to slow down and charge you more for less. What you’ll get in return is stagnating internet speeds compared to the rest of the world and higher prices (that look more like a cable TV bill to access sites as part of your “package”) … The population fought and won this before, Support “Title II” classification of the internet as a utility like your phone service or face the facts that America isn’t #1, … you are probably closer to 14th.

FCC announces plan to reverse Title II net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission is cracking open the net neutrality debate again with a proposal to undo the 2015 rules that implemented net neutrality with Title II classification. FCC…

“… as much as $65 million in exit packages — is being paid to the men who were ousted because of the allegations.” Think about that… Just 20 of the 85 million in payouts will go to the recipients of the alleged abuse.

Bill O’Reilly Payout Could Be as High as $25 Million

With the payment to the dismissed host, 21st Century Fox payouts related to sexual harassment allegations at Fox News now total more than $85 million.