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There are so many great quotes in this article, it’s hard to pick one that stands out, but “Among the many, many issues our forebears didn’t worry about were the deterrent effects of capital punishment… Nor did they have to contend with fabricated studies, or fake news, or Twitter. It’s no wonder, then, that today reason often seems to fail us. As Mercier and Sperber write, “This is one of many cases in which the environment changed too quickly for natural selection to catch up.”

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason.

I’ve seen a few posts about The Boss’s latest tour – mostly about him really engaging his fans. This one is definitely worth sharing. I hope I’m having this much fun when I’m 67.

Bruce Springsteen Invites Teenager on Stage Who Steals the Show

One teenager found a very good excuse for missing school: playing on-stage with Bruce Springsteen. During a Thursday concert at Australia’s Brisbane Entertainment Center, teenager Nathan Test…

“With no shortage of examples, the two plan to continually update their website. ‘We have so much bullshit you wouldn’t even believe it,’ West said.” I’ll look forward to watching the lectures online.

In age of alternative facts, a scholarly course on calling out crap

Tired of alternative facts, two Seattle professors aim to strike a blow for science. Their weapon? A new course: “Calling Bullshit In the Age of Big Data.”