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I was hoping this day would come!!! A brave new world … maybe?

Renewables Overtake Coal As World’s Largest Source of Power Capacity – Slashdot

The world’s largest source of power capacity is now renewables, as roughly half a million solar panels were installed every single day last year. In addition, two wind turbines were erected every hour in countries such as China, according to the International Energy Agency. Financial Times reports (…

To all my Friends (and my mom, who is worried that Trump might actually win), Dave Pell has it spot on 1000% right with this article. This might be the best article I’ve read about the election and what is actually happening with the Donald and you.

My Trump Theory of Everything

I am sick of writing about Trump and you’re sick of reading about him. But I just put in my 10,000 hours and I finally figured it all out…

I never thought this would happen in my lifetime. Finely asked me when he would be able to drive the other day (he’s 8 now). Maybe he’ll never drive?

Tesla announces all production cars now have fully self-driving hardware

Once again our readers guessed it right (well 40% of you). You said that today’s announcement would be about Autopilot 2.0/Tesla Vision and you were right. Thought Tesla seems to be moving aw…