Monthly Archives: September 2016

Someone please elect this woman President! She is amazing. Fearless. (You don’t have to watch the video – just skip down to her line of questioning. Oliver Stone should make a movie! Never has there been better courtroom dialogue since A Few Good Men.)

‘You Should Resign’: Watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren Grill Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf

“If one of your tellers took a handful of $20 bills out of the cash drawer, they’d probably be looking at criminal charges,” Warren tells the bank’s CEO.

This guy is one of the reasons I started. But to try to fly like him? I’m just barely flying across an open field. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Meet One of the World’s Best Drone Pilots

Carlos “Charpu” Puertolas isn’t interested in competitive drone racing, he prefers to fly freestyle in dangerous, abandoned buildings. His tricks and aerial showmanship has earned him notoriety in the drone community.

Stay positive people! Here is Tony Robbins 10 minute wake up routine. 3 minutes of gratitude (c’mon – we all have a lot to be thankful for!) and 7 minutes visualising success in 3-6 months. I’m on the program – try just one day and tell me it hasn’t made a difference in your outlook on things around you.

The 10-Minute Morning Ritual That Helps Tony Robbins Stay Positive All Day

Here’s how the life coach begins each day with such positivity.