Monthly Archives: July 2014

I was going to buy the Ariel Atom when I returned back to the states … BUT THIS. THIS!

This car is the closest thing you will ever feel to be Batman and Robin

This is the all-new Polaris Slingshot, a $20,000 173 HP three-wheel car obviously designed by Wayne Enterprises to realize the dreams of Batman and Robin wannabes across the planet. Seriously, this thing looks amazing, and apparently it’s incredibly fun to drive. Check out the videos of it in action…

Really interesting article on leading a happy live as a man – thanks Simon Van Wyk for sharing!

75 Years In The Making: Harvard Just Released Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life

In 1938 Harvard University began following 268 male undergraduate students and kicked off the longest-running longitudinal studies of human development in history. The study’s goal was to determine as best as possible what factors contribute most strongly to human flourishing. The astonishing rang…

I read on /. today, “It’s been 25 years since the first Sound Blaster card was introduced”… where is my cane? Makes me want to go install a 10Base2 ethernet card and dust off my network terminators.

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment? – Slashdot

MojoKid (1002251) writes “Back in the day (which is a scientific measurement for anyone who used to walk to school during snowstorms, uphill, both ways), integrated audio solutions had trouble earning respect. Many enthusiasts considered a sound card an essential piece to the PC building puzzle. It’…