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Coolest 3D music video you can see without special glasses you will see all day.

This amazing magic eye music video hides fun secret moving images

Remember how frustrating those Magic Eye images were when you were a kid? It seemed like everyone but you could see the hidden message. Until you figured it out and rubbed it in everyone’s face that they couldn’t see it. This video by Young Rival is just like those Magic Eye pictures only it turns t…

Made my day Sophie Ellis, I’m not a stay at home dad, but I can relate. For you my love, Sarah Caisse.

Stay-at-home Dad Leaves Post-Its for his Wife

We found this GREAT heartwarming story originally posted by Chris Illuminati, see all pics at On May 19th, 2010, Chris Illuminati quit his job to be a stay-at-home father for his newly born son. When beginning his endeavor, Chris stated “As a reminder of everythi…

A good friend of mine, Mark Jones, just told me the company he’s doing biz dev for has now delivered 850k sites with a new form of Captcha (those things that you hate to fill in with the squiggly letters) – if you are a developer looking for a better way, check this out:

CAPTCHA stops spam for free with a fun, easy game – FunCaptcha

Stop spam with a free, fun, fast mini-game CAPTCHA! Frustrating typed-in CAPTCHAs lose users– keep them with our easy, secure solution.

When my friend Kellie and Michael share a post – that’s the confluence of something special. (See what I did there?)

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World – A Sheep No More

If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and info graphics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection…