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SOPA blackout: Who’s gone dark to protest anti-piracy bills? [Updated]

A list of websites taking part in protesting SOPA and PIPA — including Google, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Reddit, Boing Boing, Ars Technica, Wired, The Verge, TechCrunch, O’Reilly Radar, 4Chan, Mozilla Firefox’s start page,, WordPress, Xkcd and Fark.

How cool is this? Add this to the list of “Things you didn’t know before today: The top 100 highest rated products on Amazon”. Interestingly enough, I just bought a pair of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50’s about 3 months ago. One for the office and one for home. Thx Reddit for helping me make the best choice! – The 100 highest-rated products on Amazon

The 100 best, highest-rated products on Amazon.

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We are hiring!

PHP Developer

Do you want to get in on the ground floor implementing a brand new CMS and eCommerce platform?  Our consumer facing platforms are all built on PHP for flexibility and speed to market.  You’ll be a hero with our mandate in 2012 to re-platform our content and commerce technology.  Join our team of developers who live to spin a good story and cash big checks along the way.

Java Developer

With our recently launched lead management system we have built a lean, mean, data processing machine.   Embed yourself in frameworks like JSF, PrimeFaces, Spring, Hibernate, Camel, JUnit, ApacheCXF, and many more.  Work on a distributed platform that integrates with cloud based platforms such as IPScape (VOIP), Amazon EC2, and  If you are into messaging, analytics, and test driven development – talk to us about this role!

Test Manager

We are looking for the head of our testing group where to build the practice from the ground up.  We love to test but don’t have anyone to lead the crew.  You’ll need a passion for ensuring test coverage, functional testing, non-functional testing, performance testing, and stress testing.   Work with our Business Analysis, Developers, and Operations Teams to continually improve quality through continual refactoring and process improvements.  We believe quality starts from Day 1 and so should you!

Solutions Architect

Are you always building prototypes with the latest tech, tweaking something to get more horsepower, or thinking laterally to make something happen that has never been done before?  Would you like to be in charge of creating the designs for the-next-big-thing and guiding it to production?  In this role you’ll develop prototypes, proof of concepts, and consult on the implementation of many new features for  mobile, video, personalisation, search and recommendation engines, ecommerce, social media integration, photography/image management, data services and much, much more.  We have big ideas that need big brained architect.  Can you hack this?

Visual Designer

Information is BEAUTIFUL!  Our team love to please the eye and the brain with delivering data in form and function.  In this role you will create the visual confidence of buying a car and the thrill of a test drive.  We need someone who can design for mobile, desktop, and the tablet.  Our philosophy is “Great design delivers great user experience.”  What’s yours?

Drop me an e-mail with your info and let’s get started.


Missing portion of Obama Hope poster revealed – Boing Boing

President Obama just signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law despite startling provisions that will allow the military to indefinitely detain American citizens. It’s a travesty, defying basic principles of justice and due process in perhaps the most extreme respect our nation has eve…