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Technology grows LOGARITHMICALLY: Video

I put this together for a presentation recently – the idea is to get people to think about how technology grows LOGARITHMICALLY – not linearly. In some of the movie clips – these things were considered truly mind bending – now we get them on our iPad every day. The time between sci-fi of the 50s to reality was 20-30 years, now it’s just 3-4. It took 15 years to decode HIV virus, but H1N1 was just 30 days. Where does that leave us in 5-10 years? I’ll leave that up to your imagination!

Steal Java, do evil. (maybe?)

I don’t see this one being reported all over the place as I thought it would – I mean, everyone loves it with two very large things smash into each other, right? Here’s my prediction – this story about Oracle sueing Google won’t be a big deal because neither of these guys will want to give the lawyers all their easily earned cash, … it will have much longer effets in the patent space… But there are a few other interesting views:

From Inforworld article, “Why Oracle was right to sue Google“,

This was no accident. In a blog post, Java creator James Gosling recalls Sun’s early talks with Google and how the search giant was more interested in “disrupting Apple’s trajectory” with Android than in upholding Java’s core principle of interoperability — despite Sun’s strong objections. How would Sun benefit from Android? It wouldn’t: “Google did have a financial model that benefited themselves,” Gosling writes, noting “they weren’t about to share.”

Air freshener or web server?

Ok, I’m a geek. (to some of my friends I’m a nerd, my wife calls me a dork… but I’ll leave that for another post) The other day this little device was posted up on /. that really got me excited. It’s a plugin computer with nearly the same specs as a netbook – it’s a “tiny headless Linux-powered devices that are barely larger than the power point they plug into”. Check it out (trust me, if you’re not a geek, don’t bother clicking here). The SheevaPlug, offers a 1.2GHz ARM-compatible processor, USB 2.0 and gigabit Ethernet, 512Mb Flash RAM and 512Mb DDR2 RAM. What’s that mean? You can have a networked computer running on just 5 watts of power acting as a network print server, home blog server, file server, media server… whatever! I’m buying one just because… check ’em out here or for the true geek, this is where it’s at.

One radical solution to the problem is to view time as a concept that humans have made up.

I’ve been saying this for years… now someone else is onto it, from,

Physicists searching for the ultimate “theory of everything” have a big problem with time. They have to stitch quantum theory – our description of how very small things behave – together with relativity – the theory behind the way space, time and matter interact. The biggest stumbling block to this is that time works in different ways in these theories.

… Quantum theory might be able to tell you where an electron is, but it can’t tell you how long it’s been there. One radical solution to the problem is to view time as a concept that humans have made up. If it doesn’t play a fundamental, well-defined role in the processes of the universe, maybe our theories can do without it altogether.

There are 19 more cool technology ideas from the article