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Soon, no need to explain color to the blind.

“We said it was possible to give an adult monkey with a model of human red-green color blindness the retina of a person with normal color vision. Every single person I talked to said, absolutely not,” said study co-author Jay Neitz, a University of Washington ophthalmologist. “And almost every unsolved vision defect out there has this component in one way or another, where the ability to translate light into a gene signal is involved.”

Top Ten New York City Pedestrian Tips

1. If it doesn’t smell like chilli, it probably isn’t.
2. If you catch an exploding manhole cover, you can keep it.
3. Cabs driving on the sidewalk are not permitted to pick up passengers.
4. It’s bad manners to lie down inside someone else’s chalk body outline.
5. Don’t lick food from a stranger’s beard.
6. Avoid paperwork for your next of kin by keeping dental records on you.
7. Jon Gotti Always has the right of way.
8. Yelling at cab drivers in English wastes your time and theirs.
9. Remember: Regular hot dogs do not have fingernails.
10. The city does not employ so called “Wallet Inspectors”.
— David Letterman, “Top Ten New York City Pedestrian Tips”

$4,094,080,000. Seems very straightforward to me.

From /.

“Daily Tech brings us a story about Sony’s run-in with the Mexican police. (Billboard picked up the story as well.) It seems that they raided Sony’s offices and seized 6,397 music CDs after a protest from the artist, Alejandro Fernandez. Fernandez had signed a seven-album deal with Sony Music; he completed that commitment and then left for Universal. During the time with Sony, he recorded other songs that did not make it into the agreed-upon seven albums. Sony Music took it upon themselves to collect that material and release it as an eighth album. Fernandez claims that he fulfilled his contract with Sony, and residual material belongs to him. Hmm. Precedent from the Jammie Thomas infringement and distribution case gives us $80K per song. Sony vs. Joel Tenenbaum gives $22.5K per song. So 6,397 CDs at an average of 8 songs/CD is 51,176 infringing songs, with (IMHO) intent to distribute. The damages to Fernandez should be $1,151,460,000 using the Tenenbaum precedent or $4,094,080,000 using the Thomas precedent. Seems very straightforward to me.”