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Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook, has more users than Twitter, with 69 million playing over a month and 26 million playing each day. WTF are you doing people? GET A LIFE!

TIL just six companies own about 90-percent of the media business in the US: News Corp, Disney, Viacom, CBS, Time Warner, and Comcast. If AT&T buys Time Warner two of the companies on that list will represent huge conglomerates that own both the transport layer and the content that travels over it.

This insane example from the FCC shows why AT&T and Verizon’s zero rating schemes are a racket

This week AT&T announced that it would give special treatment to DirecTV’s new streaming service by excluding it from AT&T customers’ wireless data caps. Ever since we started writing about net…

Carrying a big leaf

One Sunday morning, a wealthy man sat in his balcony enjoying sunshine and his coffee when a little ant caught his eye which was going from one side to the other side of the balcony carrying a big leaf several times more than its size. The man watched it for more than an hour. He saw that the ant faced many obstacles during its journey, paused, took a diversion and then continued towards destination.

At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor. It paused for a little while, analyzed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack, walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued its journey.

The man was captivated by the cleverness of the ant. The incident left the man in awe. In front of his eyes there was this tiny, lacking in size yet equipped with a brain to analyze, contemplate, reason, explore, discover and overcome.

A while later the man saw that the creature had reached its destination – a tiny hole in the floor which was entrance to its underground dwelling. And it was at this point that the ant’s shortcoming that it shared with the man was revealed.

How could the ant carry into the tiny hole the large leaf that it had managed to carefully bring to the destination? It simply couldn’t!

So the tiny creature, after all the painstaking and hard work and exercising great skills, overcoming all the difficulties along the way, just left behind the large leaf and went home empty-handed.

The ant had not thought about the end before it began its challenging journey and in the end the large leaf was nothing more than a burden to it. The creature had no option, but to leave it behind to reach its destination. The man learned a great lesson that day.

That is the truth about our lives too.

We worry about our family, we worry about our job, we worry about how to earn more money, we worry about where we should live, what kind of vehicle to buy, what kind of dresses to wear, what gadgets to upgrade……only to abandon all these things when we reach our destination – the grave.

We don’t realize in our life’s journey that these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them, only to find that at the end they are useless and we can’t take them with us…..

Wow …. 7 years ago!


just re-launched today! The new website infrastructure and content management system is now delivering well over 9 million page views a day. Feels sooooooo good! Soooooo good!

“It is so much easier than you think, and it will be incredibly rewarding. It’s one of those things that you can measure the progress with super easily, and once you make the transition and adjust a little bit, it saves you so much time and money and you are healthier, happier, and you inspire people every day.”

​How One Girl Is Working Toward A Zero-Waste Life

Going zero-waste is as easy as avoiding packaging, eating food in bulk, and recycling!

The Start Up Playbook

Play #1: Allow yourself time to recharge
Play #2: Have a big dream
Play #3: Believe in yourself
Play #4: Trust a select few with your idea and listen to their advice
Play #5: Pursue top talent as if your success depended on it
Play #6: Sell your idea to skeptics and respond calmly to critics
Play #7: Define your values and culture up front
Play #8: Work only on what is important
Play #9: Listen to your prospective customers
Play #10: Defy Convention
Play #11: Have – and listen to – a trusted mentor
Play #12: Hire the best players you know
Play #13: Be willing to take a risk – no hedging
Play #14: Think Bigger

(from: Behind the Cloud, by Marc Benioff)