Using WhatsApp? Change this 1 setting to prevent Facebook from HARVESTING ALL YOUR CHATS to sell you more things. You are welcome. :)

You Should Update Your WhatsApp Settings Right Now

WhatsApp betrayed their long standing commitment to privacy when it announced the app will now share user data with Facebook for the purpose of selling ads. But existing users have only 30 days to opt out.

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Thank you Tim Cook. If you are not on the side of encryption, and somehow believe that the government is somehow going to protect you from “bad guys” by treating you like you are one (by forcing companies to only allow weak encryption), then please consider this perspective. The good guys got their toys stolen and now you could be in serious trouble.

The NSA hack proves Apple was right to fight the FBI

It turns out Apple CEO Tim Cook is pretty much vindicated when he argued that the government can’t keep a backdoor safe.

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Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming

Friday’s move is the clearest indication yet that the White House is serious about getting Obama’s legacy trade deal.

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Dark Energy Films

David Stoddart recently shot an online film entitled ‘Data To Go’ for Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service. In 2015 just under 24,000 people aged 30 and under were victims of identity fraud, with the figures more than doubling since 2010. The film has launched online to raise awareness of this type of fraud. Shot in a London coffee shop in March earlier this year, David used hidden cameras to capture baffled reactions from people caught in a stunt where their personal data, all found on public websites, is revealed to them live on a coffee cup.With the promise of a free coffee and a croissant, participants were asked to ‘like’ the café’s Facebook page. A team of background researchers, within a maximum time period of three minutes, searched across public websites to find as much personal information and data as possible. That data was then radioed through to a barista, who wrote it on to a cup and handed it to the unsuspecting customer. Hidden cameras captured their ‘baffled’ reactions and the film ends with the line ‘Don’t make it easy for fraudsters. Set your privacy settings’.

The film was shot through agency BBH as part of their Creativity For Good scheme and launched on Facebook and social media channels this week as well as living on the Cifas home page.

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I hear this is an amazing 15 minute read – just bookmarking this here for myself later. :)

1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal | Randeep Ramesh

The Long Read: How a jailed former banker and a lone British journalist broke a story that shook the world

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I need to learn to weld!

Car Wheel Bicycle – The Learn To Weld Project

This whole thing started off with me finding rusty holes in my car and I figured for the cost of paying someone to fix it I could buy a welder and do …

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Sarah, what do you think? awwwww yea!


This is a 1977 AMC Gremlin, with an 232 inline 6 motor. This car has a reinforced uni-body frame, with 1977 jeep cj7 locking hub axles and leaf springs. The rear axle has been fully rebuilt. This car

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Wow. Volvo for Life. Taken very seriously.

V8 Muscle Australia

Damm these Volvo’s are tuff ! Be cooler with V8’s but

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Ok, some cool invention instead of news. :)

A Brilliantly-Made Tools to Make Rope from Plastic Bottles

Have you ever think of making a rope from a plastic bottle. At first, it actually may sound unrealistic, but it’s completely true. It’s possible to get a st

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Had me until she said “my friend Hillary Clinton”. I’m sorry, but coming from a black woman who would not be in the position she would be in right now if it wasn’t for people like Bernie Sanders being on the right side of history. Imagine how powerful her speech would be, standing there, as the proof of why Bernie is the better choice for President. What could he have done for future generations of Michelle Obamas?

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

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